Brothers John and Horace Dodge originated Dodge Brothers Inc. in Detroit, Michigan in July 1914. The brothers were early stockholders and engine builders for Ford Motor Co. for a decade before branching off to create their own automotive company. The brothers built every part for Ford cars with the exception of the seats and tires. 

The Dodge brothers produced the world's first mass-produced all-steel touring cars. Only 249 cars were built in 1914 and the first was driven by a man named Guy Ameel. By 1915, more than 45,000 Dodge cars had been built and sold. At the time, this was the best first-year sales record for any new car company and they were America's third best selling automaker in their first full year of production.

In 1920, while in attendance at the New York Auto Show, tragedy struck the Dodge Brothers. Horace became very sick with pneumonia. While John sat by his bedside, he too developed pneumonia. Ten days later, John passed away. Horace held on for a few months after John's death, but died after those few months. 

Dodge after the Dodge Brothers
In 1928, the company was sold to Walter Chrysler for $175 million. After the purchase, Dodge still kept its individuality and continued to grow. Under Chrysler, Dodge had continuous improvements due to exceptional production, new styles, innovations, and increased publicity. At this time, "Dodge Brothers" became simply "Dodge," and the brand's first eight-cylinder engine was completed.

After WWII when Dodge was focused on making war materials, the automakers vehicles started to slowly evolve to have a taller and boxier appearance. Over the next few decades Dodge developed a more high-powered, high-style line of cars and began to establish its reputation as Chrysler's performance brand.

In the late 1960s to early 1980s Dodge became involved in NASCAR racing and the "muscle car" segment. The Dodge Charger became a widely successful car, and still is to this day. The next phase for Dodge was the introduction of the compact cars and Dodge's popular Caravan and truck line.

Dodge remains a leader in the modern-day truck market, producing multiple models and a variety of powertrain options. To this day, millions of customers still appreciate the dependability offered in every Dodge car, truck, van and SUV. To find out more about the Dodge Brothers story follow this link