Dodge Charger vs. Acura TL In Salem, OR


The Dodge Charger is one of Dodge's most popular vehicles, and it's beautifully aesthetic exterior is recognizable anywhere. While the Acura TL is a quality vehicle that is able to hold it's own against the Charger, the Charger just has too many high-end features for the TL to compete with. Here's what makes the Charger so special.


Road Tests

The Dodge Charger provides a great driving experience, and it showed in the test against the TL. Here are the results of the test:

  • The Charger R/T needs more than 10% less space to stop from 60mph, 114 ft vs 128 ft
  • The Charger R/T can go around 20% faster than the TL, 155 mph vs 130 mph
  • More than 10% faster in the 1/4 mile, 13.7 s s @ 102.8 mph vs 15.3 s s @ 96.0 mph



One of the most important factors for many people when buying a new car, the Dodge Charger is much more reasonably priced than the Acura TL:

  • Charger ($31,220 MSRP)
  • TL ($43,770 MSRP)


Standard Features

While the TL comes with many great features, it cannot match the Charger when it comes to safety and convenience. The Charger has six airbags to keep passengers safe, and it also features a folding rear seat for convenience when hauling.


The 2017 Dodge Charger is a great vehicle at an even better value.

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