Just like most lovers of racing and speed, our Withnell Dodge team loves the Dodge Challenger. We love that it can reach ridiculous speeds in six seconds or less, because such capability only comes from a precision tuned, highly efficient vehicle.

Standout Transmission

Transmission converts engine torque into energy that turns the wheels and enhances traction. A fuel-efficient car must come equipped with transmission engineered to perform optimally even at ridiculous speeds. The Dodge Challenger is one such car. Its base and upper trims offer the choice of two types of capable, efficient transmission:

  • TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic
  • Six-speed manual

The six-speed manual pairs with an electronic shifter that shifts gears smoothly and with little effort, boasting short throws and seamless transfers.

Powerful Engines

At the heart of the Dodge Challenger beats one of five engines. One of them is a Pentastar V6. The others are V8 HEMI engines. All five engines deliver horsepower ranging from 303 to 797, putting enormous power, speed and efficiency at your fingertips. Dodge Challenger models are capable of an estimated fuel efficiency of 19/30 mpg city/highway.



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