While most of our Salem, OR customers know what brake fluid is, we have many inquiries at Withnell Dodge Ram about the various types of brake fluid. The primary purpose of brake fluid is to effectively move power from the pedal to brake calipers. Most brake fluids have diethylene glycol or glycol ether.

Pressurized brake fluid activates the brakes, so your vehicle's braking system is a hydraulic system because it needs liquid to create energy or force. While brake fluid is made to withstand extreme temperatures, it should be changed routinely to ensure you get optimal braking power.

How often should you have your brake fluid changed? You can check your owner's manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. If your owner's manual doesn't have recommended changing schedule for your brake fluid, it's typically suitable to have it changed every year or so. The brakes play an important role in keeping your vehicle safe, so be sure to keep your brake fluid at an optimal level.

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