Available as a cargo van or a passenger wagon and with a handful of unique upfit options, the Ram ProMaster City is fast becoming our Withnell Dodge team's favorite van. Giving it power and distinction is a beefy engine and a classic, clean profile drawing inspiration from some of Ram's most notable legends.

Electronic Stability Control

The Ram ProMaster City tows and hauls from 1,800 to 2,000 pounds, so it must have a dynamic stability control system. That system in the Ram ProMaster City is electronic, engineered for precision and safety on Salem streets and highways. Electronic stability control entails braking of certain wheels automatically. This helps you maintain your trajectory with steadiness, preventing wheels from spinning out or plowing out.

62TE Automatic Transmission

Enjoy smoother, quicker gear shifts and faster acceleration with the Ram ProMaster City's 62TE six-speed automatic transmission. The 62TE technology uses a unique transaxle that supports optimal engine RPM, wheel torque and fuel efficiency. Plus, smooth and fast gear-shifts help you cruise over any road with confidence and full control.


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