Our Withnell Dodge Ram team is always happy to give our Salem, OR shoppers information that helps them make an educated purchase. If you're in the market for a used vehicle, then a Vehicle History Report can be helpful because it gives you access to a vehicle's past information.

A Vehicle History Report is put together with information from insurance companies, DMVs, repair documents, and police reports. A Vehicle History Report contains past ownership information, title and accident history, liens on the vehicle, and odometer readings. Usually, a Vehicle History Report contains a report summary, a vehicle value calculator, and title history.

You can get a Vehicle History Report in a free single report or with a paid subscription. The vehicle ownership history section can let you know where the vehicle was owned, how many owners it had, and why it was used, which may include personal use, government use, or car rentals. This section can tell you how hard the vehicle was driven by each owner and if there are any discrepancies in odometer readings.

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